I enjoy having a tea time.
And, I look stylish in my tea time.
When I look stylish, I find an exquisite indulgence in a sip of tea.



As a board member of the Mental Health Advocacy Services (MHAS), I've witnessed firsthand the profound impact that mental health challenges can have on individuals and their families. This cause is deeply personal to me. I've battled depression and anxiety for years, intimately acquainted with the debilitating effects that mental health struggles can inflict. When the mind falters, every facet of life is affected. Tragically, many within our community face similar battles, lacking the necessary resources and support to seek help.

As I stroll through the bustling streets of our city, my heart aches at the sight of an increasing number of homeless individuals, so many grappling with mental health issues. MHAS stands as a beacon of hope for these individuals, offering crucial support and resources to help them regain their footing. Since 1977, our organization has championed the rights of those with mental disabilities, aiding them in securing government benefits and essential services.

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