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Calini Style

Hemp Park Coat

Hemp Park Coat

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Warm and cozy hug form Calini Park Coat. And, feel the soft touch that peace your mind. Relax your body and enjoy the day with this effortlessly stylish coat.

  • 50% Hemp 50% Organic Cotton
  • Ethically made in USA
  • Pockets
  • Back bottom slit to bring more freedom
  • Hand wash or dry cleaning
  • Hang dry
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All our products are made locally in the USA in ethical supply chains. Believing in the ideals of sustainable fashion, our timeless styles embrace the magic of natural materials. Natural fabrics including bamboo, recycled cotton, hemp, and organic cotton are the core foundations of  the Calini range. These fabrics are chosen because they are luxurious to wear, beautiful in how they fall and drape and are sustainable in their origin. Beautiful fashion shouldn’t come at the cost of the Earth.